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An Inspiring Talk in Sisy Chen Auditorium given by Two Successful Entrepreneurs - “Our Secret Garden---

Famous TV commentator, Prof. Sisy Chen, with a founder of the Lavender Cottage Group and its CEO holds a successful talk with the topic of “Our Secret Garden” at AU.

Famous television commentator and AU chair professor Sisy Chen (right) with Lavender Cottage Group founder Ting-Fei Lin (middle) and CEO Tsun-Huang Wang (left) holds an auditorium talk at AU with the topic of “Our Secret Garden.”

Asia University (AU) held an invited talk in the “Sisy Chen Auditorium” with the topic of “Our Secret Garden” on January 17. The famous television commentator and AU chair professor Sisy Chen chaired the talk with two famous guest speakers, a famous lavender-cottage enterprise founder Ms. Ting-Fei Lin and a chief executive officer Mr. Tsun-Huang Wang. The topic was “Our Secret Garden,” which is about the success of their enterprise creation, development and management.

The talk was about the business development of the Lavender Cottage Group.

Prof. Chen said, the Lavender Cottage Co. was set up in 2001. This company came from two girl’s dream, one wanting to set up a coffee shop and the other to plant lavenders. The two girls later became the founder of the Lavender Cottage Company. They had great success in the company business and soon developed more and more branch stores, forming a group of enterprises, including recreation parks, restaurants, B&Bs, wedding halls, etc. Their recreation parks with levender flowers and forests have become one of the top-100 tour sites in Taiwan.

“Dream is the diving power of everybody’s life;” said one of the founder Ting-Fei Lin, “a life with dreams is colorful, which can generate creativity.” Lin was born in the 60’s, and in the era people were diligent, and she believes that only with innovative ideas can people drive the society to progress. “Though everybody wants to succeed, yet he/she also has to endure failure,” said Lin when she recalled their progress of enterprise development.

The talk inspires AU students to create business after graduations.

  The CEO Mr. Tsun-Huang Wang mentioned that the Levender Cottage Group has close cooperations with colleges of technologies and professions in the aspect of cultivating talents in related jobs in the group. Actually, about 60% of the staff of the group come from such cooperative schools. He said that their enterprise wants to help students from such schools to fulfill part of their durity for the development of our society.

The talk was succeful in inspiring the AU students in the audience to have a stronger wish for business development in their career after their graduations.

The auditorium talks attracted so many students and guests that no vacant seat could be seen.


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